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If we travel to the venue on a scheduled tape, it's $50 (see the BentHead Process section). 

Cancellations are cool, but you need to call us 24 hours in advance… otherwise, we might be missing a taping for another comic that requested our service... $25 for cancellations within 24 hours… really this is just more of an incentive to have your sh*t together than anything. 

You provide 2 tickets to get in the venue, and parking validation for the night of the performance.  If we have to pay to park and get in, assume that cost will be tacked on to your bill.

If the venue is more than 20 miles from Cupertino, an additional travel charge will apply... that charge will be dependent on how long a road trip we're talking about.

Here's the stuff we're not responsible for:

1) Lighting and Sound at the club/venue
2) Waitstaff traffic (we’ll pick the best spot the venue allows)
3) Unfavorable audience
4) Flat performance (hey, they happen)
5) Acts of God or family emergency (if we cannot make your event after having committed, we'll reschedule free of charge)